NEW SONG SERIES: Fall of October 

The New Song Series is intended to help us take a look at the heavy lifting that Jesus Christ has done in our lives, from where we were to where we are now and for us to write that down or prepare to be able to share that testimony so that anyone that God may bring into our paths who may need that exact encouragement might be able to hear it.  In doing so, we are singing a New Song to the Lord.  Throughout the series Pastor Travis will be sharing moments along the way of God's process of the renewing and reshaping of him through the years that were marked by specific songs written about those times.  

This week's song helps us take a look at the decisions we make after we've decided to follow Christ.  Are we focusing on The One, or are we distracted and bothered by too many other pursuits in our lives?  

"In my time I see, there's no time for me to make time for You and Your time is what I NEED."  

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