While New Hope Fellowship is still a new and growing church, we want to establish as a core value our desire to offer connection and ministry that echoes the ministry of Jesus while He was with mankind.  For every miracle He did, it was for the purpose of showing others that if you can see and feel that He has the power to affect your life here and now, it should give you all the faith that you need to know that He can interceed in your life for all eternity.  Each and every ministry that we have here at New Hope is meant to impact your life here and now in a way that helps point towards The One who can impact our lives eternally.  

While we're always striving to have ways to be a place of connection for the other six days of the week, the ministries and outreaches that we currently offer are:

  • LifeGroups
  • Tree of Life House K.I.D.S. Ministry
  • Prayer Partners 
  • Celebrate Recovery
  • The Landing
  • The Hope Cafe