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A Note from Pastor Travis: 

Dear New Hope, 

Can I tell you a secret? I hope this isn’t too shocking to you, but I’ve never personally led a church through a world-wide pandemic before. And what’s more, I can’t find a single pastor in my network of support or connections who has either, so were it not for this big, huge, all-powerful God who is truly the creator and author of the universe, I’d be pretty nervous! 

Thankfully we do, and thankfully He is in control of all things and all of this. He’s even given us His Word and His Spirit to guide us through the days we find ourselves in. They remind us of His role as general manager of the universe, and ours which is to glorify Him and point people to Him. 

Between the governmental restrictions, the advice of healthcare professionals, and discussions with our leadership teams and trusted advisors, we will be cancelling or postponing all meetings, gatherings, office hours, and events including our Sparta Saturday Night service. While these restrictions are in places we will be switching to one live-streamed service on Sunday at 10am. I have purchased the equipment necessary for us to begin live-streaming our first service this Sunday, March 22nd. However, I will ask that you be gracious on Sunday, as it will be our first attempt and we will have very little time to work out the bugs. Your prayers and your patience will be much appreciated, especially in this first week! ;) The live-stream will consist of the same content we would have done in person. Worship, prayer, teaching, and an encouragement to fellowship with other believers. 

I will say this… I cannot justify nor come to terms with the idea of a church turning people away. So while I am at the Onalaska campus on Sunday morning, I will not lock the doors nor turn anyone away. I would encourage you to adhere to the recommendations that have been given for our nation during this time as they are the best that we know of how to limit the spread of a very real, highly contagious, and potentially mutating virus. But my primary accountability is to the One who called me to be a shepherd for those who know Him and who He is reaching out to in our community, including those who will be seeking Him in these troubling times. I will not turn anyone away should they come looking. I will praise Him and point people to Him. 

For the foreseeable future you can trust that I will be monitoring all voicemails, emails, and correspondences and will be available for phone or FaceTime sessions as requested. However, facebook or other forms of social media is NOT a reliable or recommended way of reaching myself or the church. Our E-giving for the church will continue to be available through our website, And we will do the best we can to navigate uncharted ground for ourselves and the global church at large. 

Our new equipment will be delivered on Saturday and as soon as we have it set up and know the information to give you on how to tune in, we will share that with you through our e-newsletter, social media, and our website. Between now and then, your prayers are coveted as we seek to continue to the commission of the church, continue to seek to obey Him in all that we do, and for the continued health and safety for our families and communities. 

God’s Blessings to you and yours, 

Travis Becknell